Have we surrendered | Letter

Can you imagine the response if a foreign invader swept into the United States and killed one million of our citizens? Most men (and a lot of women) between the ages of 18 and 65 would be in uniform. Many industries would be producing goods to defeat the attacker. So help me understand how after one million US citizens have died from COVID 19, and Covid cases are high in San Juan County, people simply don’t care anymore. When I go to the market, the hardware store or any restaurant the only masks I see are on employees. Have we all just given up and said, “Oh well, Covid exists. People get sick. Then most of them get better and life goes on.” Folks, this “War” (and it is a war) is long from over. We still don’t understand the long-term effects of this virus. Yeah, we’re all COVID weary and hate the mask, but now is not the time to drop our defenses and just give up. Masks, social distancing and boosters make a difference. We can still defeat this invader but we’ve got to do better.

Mike Buettell

San Juan Island