Food drive for families in danger of losing their pets? What could be more purr-fect | Letters

I am excited about the Animal Protection Society’s Community Pet Food Drive, Feb. 9-24.

This annual event works with the Friday Harbor Food Bank to help families in need keep their pets fed. Their goal is to collect 4,000 pounds of pet food. They are accepting donations of pet food, cash, or checks.

Some people will make a trip to America to buy pet food at a discounted price, and that’s okay. Others will buy pet food at local stores, and that’s even better, since it helps our local economy.

I’ve also just found out that the Animal Protection Society will also accept gift certificates for this drive from our local pet supply stores.

For me, buying locally and giving business to our local merchants is important. My gift helps the local merchants by giving them business. It helps people keep beloved pets in their homes because they have food to feed them.

It helps the Animal Protection Society because they don’t have to find homes for pets that can no longer be taken care of. I’s a triple play, if you ask me.

If you need to get a tax deduction for your donation, you’ll still need to take your cash or check to the Animal Protection Society. If not, I urge you to consider helping not only our community pets and the Animal Protection Society, but our local merchants as well.

David Bentley/Friday Harbor