Big thanks to Life Care Center | Letter

We would like to thank the new owners of Duck Soup Inn, Kyle and Emily Nicholson, for volunteering during the Thanksgiving holiday at the Life Care Center of the San Juan Islands. The residents, families and staff really appreciate your service during this difficult time of year, especially for those stuck inside with no one who cares other than family and friends. We personally appreciate those who give of their time and energy to meet the needs of those who have neither.

These volunteers need to be recognized for their services and a big thank you for giving me the opportunity to say so through the Journal of the San Juan Islands.

Through the years, so many have helped out during the holidays and year-round. I know they used to recognize volunteers with a luncheon at Life Care once a year. We need to honor them more often. I remember when Don Galt came in and played the piano and the Nash family kids would dress up like Santa Clause and give out presents. Volunteers would come in and decorate the building inside and out. We just don’t see that anymore. Maybe this is due to budget cuts or they have lost most of their volunteers. I know Sharon Sandwith plays Bingo at the Village with the residents — only a small list of names I can remember from when we lived there.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for all you do for the community and especially those at Life Care.

Scott Smith family, Dick and Donna Smith and Kelly McCutcheon

San Juan Island