Against ranked-choice voting | Letters

After failing in committee, Kevin Ranker and Sharon Abreu brought back Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) to the County Charter Review Commission. Then a committee of one prepared it for the ballot. Not a lot of support for this interesting method of vote manipulation. RCV was pushed all summer by off-island visitors at fairs and farmer’s markets which makes one wonder why they care so much about our little county having such a choice, when we rarely have more than (2) persons running for a position anyway. Then we see what happened in Alaska ( and we understand that it is for statewide vote manipulation. The majority votes were split among conservative candidates and the single liberal with Ranked Choice voting won the general election. In the Senate race this year there were over 20 persons running. Could you have ranked all of them? Did you have any idea who they were? Yet this amendment would eliminate the primary and just have a jungle general election, which would result in us having to vote for people that we have no idea who they are. If you no longer care about a real representative democracy, vote for Ranked Choice voting. On the other hand, if you actually care about who wins various elections, you may want to keep this monster out of the county. Please REJECT Charter Amendment Prop. 3, RCV.

Cindy Carter,