A plea to trim tree limbs | Letter

I’m well into my “golden years,” and I’ve had arthritis and joint issues for all of them. Still, I walk just about everywhere I go in Friday Harbor, and lately several of my senior walking buddies and I have commiserated about a problem that I hope members of our community are willing to help solve.

There are many trees growing near sidewalks that have limbs hanging over the sidewalks. Often these limbs are so low to the ground that my friends and I, all 5’10” to 6’6”, have to duck underneath them. Because we are not as limber and agile as we once were, it is difficult to duck under the limbs and nearly as difficult to step off the curb into the street and back up in order to pass around them.

I’m sure that a lot of shorter people can pass under the limbs without difficulty. However, it really would be helpful if homeowners and businesses would trim the limbs over public sidewalks to the height of their standard interior home doors, which is 80”. Your taller island neighbors would be very grateful.

David Bentley,

San Juan Island