What businesses are doing to help the economy | Ongoing Series

Following is a message from Lynn Danaher that the Chamber of Commerce wanted to share in light of recent discussions about "What can we do NOW to help our local economy."

Editor’s note: What is your business doing to bolster consumer confidence? E-mail rwalker@sanjuanjournal.com

Following is a message from Lynn Danaher that the Chamber of Commerce wanted to share in light of recent discussions about “What can we do NOW to help our local economy.”

“Also, I want to point out that in the Weekly Member Messages you will see that Ruth at waterworks gallery made quick use of the comments/suggestions from our last Chamber Forum meeting that people like to come to events that support a cause,” Chamber Director Debbie Pigman said.

From Lynn Danaher:

I wanted to let you know what I am doing for my Surina Business Park tenants.

I am paying for an ad in the “At Your Service” section of the paper. I have also paid for a special ad in the holiday section of The Journal.

I have not increased anyone’s rent when they renew their lease. As a result, I only have one vacancy for a small 300-square-foot unit, which rents for only $300 per month; water and sewer are included. I have even arranged for on-site mail delivery and have installed a mailbox for them to receive their mail.

I cannot be successful unless my tenants are successful and I deeply appreciate each and every one of them! We must all do our part to help each other any way we can to get through this economic downturn.

Become a member of our vibrant shopping and business complex — only one unit is available for only $300 per month! Twenty percent off the first month to any Chamber member!

Surina Business Park & Retail Center, 50 Malcom St., is home to:

— Alison Design (Permanent makeup)
— Castaways Quality Consignment
— Foote Marine
— Friday Harbor Pet Supplies
— Green Isle Oasis Reflexology & Aveda
— Islands Welding
— Rainshadow Photographics
— San Juan Food Co-Op

From Printonyx
Printonyx always offers our lowest prices of the year from Thanksgiving to mid-December, but this year we’re extending our low color copy prices through the end of January. That means self-serve color copies at 49 cents per side, custom greeting cards as low as 50 cents, color calendars as low as $10, 20 percent off one order, free black and white copies with every purchase of our holiday stationery (while it lasts).

We’ve found ways to produce jobs more effectively and keep our five copiers (two color, three black and white) producing all day. As our service technician said, “These machines, just like your car, need to keep running long jobs. Not start for a while, then stop for a long while.” So if we can keep the machines busy and spread the cost of maintenance and leasing over a greater number of copies, we’ll be able to keep our prices low for a longer time.

We’re also helping customers save gas and time by accepting jobs via e-mail and sending back proofs of our graphic design projects via e-mail. For those who are familiar with how to produce a PDF file, that is the easiest way to provide us digital file, but files can also be produced on Macs or PCs in simple programs like Word, Publisher, PowerPoint or Works as well as high-end programs like InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Kristine Brown, owner, has also been researching wholesale printing companies in the United States and has found some great deals on all kinds of color work from postcards to banners. She is able to pass on wonderful savings on many items to help businesses promote their services.

To help businesses reach every island home and post office box, Printonyx continues to produce “The Clipper-Strip” to divide the $700 for postage and varying printing costs among four to seven advertisers.

As a member of the Chamber of Commerce’s punchcard promotion, Printonyx will be open until 8 p.m. Thursdays in December. We’re always open 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday; and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. We do close Sundays, four or five national holidays, and for one week after Christmas and at Spring Break. Otherwise, we’re open year-round and can be reached at 378-2069 through our Web site, printonyx.com; or by e-mail, printonyx@rockisland.com.