Daisy Bloom, Creme Brulee ‘tres chic’ on Spring St. | Column by Howard Schonberger

Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee

What do you do when you are a creative retailer, wife and mother with two children?

You work around the clock, you hire clerks for the times when the children need you and pay babysitters when you are at the store.

That might work when sales are brisk during tourist season, but might be marginal at other times.

Michelle Waldron and Megan Van Hamerssfeld have solved that dilemma by combining their two shops — Daisy Bloom and Creme Brulee — into one at 165 Spring St.

It’s a tres chic shoppe that you might see in Paris or on Park Avenue.

Each of them work three days a week at the shop and, on days not working, take care of the four tots involved in this combine.

Daniel and Megan Van Hamerssfeld, 42, have two boys, Sander, 6, and Bowen, 2 1/2.

Ben and Michelle Waldron, 25, have a boy and girl, Jaxson, 4, and Paloma, 14 months.

Amber Kleine is a long-time member of the Daisy Bloom staff. She and her husband, Shawn, have one child and are expecting their second.

Waldron bought Daisy Bloom from Debbie Rishel two years ago. Daisy Bloom specializes in women’s clothing and accessories.

Waldron was born in Inter Island Medical Center and graduated from Friday Harbor High School. Her husband is a volunteer firefighter and EMT.

This is the store’s second move of location.

Van Hamerssfeld is celebrating the fifth anniversary of her store this month. In this new location, she will be adding a gallery aspect of custom furnishings which her husband features on www.mycremebrulee.com. He also is a pastry chef and has a vast catalogue of cakes which he can prepare for weddings and other festivities. Her forte is unique gifts and products which have to be seen to be appreciated.

They even have French music in the background. Bonne chance!