Singer-Songwriter Michael Stosic releases two new singles for summer

Submitted by Michael Stosic.

Friday Harbor homeowner, Michael Stosic is a singer-songwriter and international recording artist. Michael has scored the music for two films for the Friday Harbor Film Festival and has just released two new singles for the summer.

“Michael Stosic is a gem. He’s been creating music in the Sierra Nevada since 1986 when he released his first album “Brand New Love.” His musical chops and experience are impressive. He is a multi-instrumentalist, a patient studio musician and a brilliant songwriter who embodies a nostalgic 1970’s vibe,” Tony Contini Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine.

On June 10 Michael Stosic released his new Country-pop single Don’t Grow Weary.

“Life can make us weary. It never stops, even for a moment it seems. We all have bills to pay, people to care for and work to do and sometimes it can be overwhelming and we can grow weary. One thing we should never grow weary of though is doing good and helping others when we can,” said Michael Stosic.

Sotsic has written a wonderful new song about that very thing. Featuring a hot rhythm section and a brilliant horn section, this very catchy song will get the listeners moving and singing along. Available on all streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

On June 14 Stosic also released his new Adult-Contemporary single You’re Not Alone.

“When I wrote this song I was initially speaking to myself. The first words that came out of my mouth were – Are you feeling lost deep in your despair. Does your broken heart seem hurt beyond repair. Does this broken world we live in seem unfair. You’re not alone,” he said.

When Stosic finished this very powerful song he felt that he had something that would be relevant to lots of people. “So many people are hurting and going through something. This is a song that has a message of hope to those who are hurting. So just hang on in this unknown you’re not alone” sings Michael.

You’re Not Alone starts out with a feeling of being alone, quietly with just Michael’s voice and acoustic guitar. The song continually builds through each verse and chorus until the bridge and final two choruses when you know you are no longer alone as Michael is joined by a full orchestra with a powerful rhythm section, electric guitars, and a string and horn section to drive this message home.

This song is also available on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Both songs are on Stosic’s new album “The God Who Named the Stars” released June 21.