Pelindaba takes steps to grow operations

Submitted by Pelindaba Lavender.

Encouraged by Pelindaba Lavender’s steadily expanding success, owner Stephen Robins is putting the land he has long owned and leased to the venture onto the market as part of a strategic plan to further grow Pelindaba’s operations both on and beyond San Juan Island.

“Having successfully recovered from the significant negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the opportunities for Pelindaba’s further growth abound“, said Robins. “In addition to the wide popularity of the freely open beautiful purple seas of lavender fields we have created for the enjoyment of islanders and visitors alike, the enduring appeal of

Pelindaba’s locally handcrafted product offerings has been most gratifying. “In addition to our two on-island Product Gallery stores, there are now seven more franchised locations across the nation, from Washington to Florida, with several others on the near horizon. The website has become the largest all-lavender website in the country, and wholesale opportunities are increasing.

“All these platforms represent a steadily growing market for Pelindaba’s core San Juan Island farming and product handcrafting operations. This strategic move will greatly facilitate the further growth of those operations, and in turn expand their many contributions to the overall island economy, both directly and indirectly through the creation of more employment opportunities, sourcing as much as possible from other island businesses, providing marketing outlets for local artists and artisans, and generally serving as a major visitor attraction to the island.”

Pelindaba Lavender was founded 25 years ago as a San Juan Island, Washington open space preservation project. Despite the serial periodic economic challenges of the 2008–10 recession, a catastrophic fire in 2009 and the more recent Covid-19 pandemic, it remains firmly committed to pursuing its original mission of serving as a sustaining and sustainable major San Juan Island community asset for many decades to come.