Nonprofit shuttle service for Friday Harbor

The ‘RoundTowner serves Friday Harbor with a non-profit shuttle service for our disabled, elderly and general rural public. Since its inception in August of 2013, the ‘RoundTowner has provided over 4,800 rides for island friends and neighbors.

The suggested donation for each ride within the Town of Friday Harbor is only $3. We are now offering group rates of $5 for two people and $6 for three people. Group rates apply if there is one person paying and all people are going to the same destination.

“Please call us the day before you need a ride, if possible,” say organizers. “We almost always need at least one hour notice. When you make an appointment with your doctor, call us next. Typically, we can pick you up at your home, take you to your doctor or shopping and bring you home for only $6 total.”

The ‘RoundTowner has recently expanded its reach to five miles out of town, transporting people from as far away as The Oaks, Portland Fair Road, Hillside and Terrace Drives and most of San Juan Valley Road. Fares for these locations are about one-half the price of typical taxi fares, ranging from $6 to $13.

The shuttle provides service in Friday Harbor to and from the ferry landing, marina, post office, library, airport, marketplace, family resource center, courthouse, food bank, middle and high schools, King’s Market, Circle Park roundabout, The Whale Museum, Friday Harbor Drugs, PeaceIsland Hospital, Mullis Community Center, Spring Street landing, Life Care Center, Skagit Valley College, Brickworks Farmers’ Market and anywhere else in the Town of Friday Harbor.

The ‘RoundTowner is currently available 7 days/week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call 360-298-6108 to schedule a ride. For more information, email

The ‘RoundTowner is a program of the San Juan Islands Shuttle System, a Washington 501(c)(3) state non-profit organized exclusively for charitable purposes. San Juan Islands Shuttle System’s mission is to provide free or affordable transportation for senior citizens, people with disabilities and the rural general public in the San Juan Islands. The assets and income of the organization shall only be used to promote the corporate mission.