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Friday Harbor's Dr. Bronwyn Bacon

Scratching out a living on San Juan Island sometimes requires thinking outside the box.

Other times, it means making the most out of familiar territory.

For Friday Harbor’s Dr. Bronwyn Bacon, it’s bit of both.

That’s right, it’s now Doctor Bacon, as she’s known by her professional title.

A graduate of Friday Harbor High School, Class of ‘97, Bacon is back on the island and open for business with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in hand — or rather, on the wall.

And, she couldn’t be more excited about the chance to put her education, experience and skills to work in Friday Harbor.

“It’s a place I really thrive in and feel happy in,” she said of her hometown. “I looked all over, but the biggest thing is that nothing else really felt right or that I felt excited about.”

Bacon said she developed a deep appreciation for naturopathic medicine and holistic treatments as a child, but that she had always envisioned herself at work as a traditional doctor — an obstetrician was the initial plan — when plotting out a career path.

But after working five years as a “doula,” a person professionally trained to provide women with emotional, physical and informational support before, during and after childbirth, her plans shifted toward a career in naturopathic medicine when it became decision time at Bastyr.

“That was the litmus test,” she said of her experience as a doula. “I knew [naturopathy] was the right path.”

That path led to a doctorate of naturopathic medicine and, eventually, a return back to Friday Harbor.

She secured an office on the second floor of the 669 Mullis Building, directly above Spa d Bune, and opened up for business in early May.

Bacon prides herself on having versatile practice.

She can serve as a primary-care physician, performing annual and physical exams, or acute care, or serve as a specialist, and is more than willing and able to provide complementary care in conjunction with other practitioners, such as doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists or midwives.

“I focus a lot on prevention and in helping people develop a diet and lifestyle that helps them avoid a major illness,” she said.

“I like to help people with taking control of their health. I think the medicine I practice is a wonderful tool for a lot of people.”

Contact info: Dr. Bacon at 360 378-3355 or; website,

— Scott Rasmussen