Soroptimists win 24th annual Knowledge Bowl

Local service clubs competed against Friday Harbor middle school and high school students for the 24th annual Knowledge Bowl on Feb. 5, which was emceed by Brent Snow. For the first time, Spring Street International School students also joined the fun. The event was sponsored by the San Juan Public Schools Foundation.

“We are able to do a lot more than many other schools, like our amazing STEM program thanks to the Public School Foundation,” said Sam Garrison, Friday Harbor High School science teacher, thanking the foundation for their efforts. Through donations and fundraisers, the foundation was able to present Danna Diaz, San Juan Island School District superintendent, a check for $127,404. These funds go toward math and science programs, language arts, writing, textbooks, and other necessities not in the school’s tight budget.

The Knowledge Bowl took place at the San Juan Community Theatre. The cost to attend the event was $5, with proceeds going toward the schools. There were also raffle items from assorted restaurants and stores in Friday Harbor. Treats and refreshments were available for purchase to benefit the Friday Harbor Middle School Parent-Teacher Association. The Friday Harbor High Jazz Band set the tone of the night playing during intermission.

Eighth graders, Lucy Martin, Tiernan Clark, Robin Taylor and Cole Sampson, who were dressed in orange to reflect their tiger mascot, won for best costume.

“Eighth graders have won best costume the last several years,” Snow said.

The ninth and tenth-grade team, dressed in yellow, were Aidan Shanon, Rachel Snow, Tyler Fleming, and Emma Mughal.

The eleventh and twelfth graders, dressed in purple, were Tenley Nelsen, Laurel Robertson, Lucy Urbach, and Natalie Meenan.

The Spring Street students, who wore matching white T-shirts, were juniors and seniors, Macalister Arndt, Per Black, Leah Black, and Ula Grace.

Lions B.J. Brandi, Sheila and Bruce Martin, and Derek Smith had a sports theme for their costumes. Soroptimists Nancy DeVaux, Kari McVeigh, Necia Quast, and Laura Jo Severson donned green giving a plug to their upcoming St. Patricks day fundraiser. Rotarians came in second place for costumes, which were designed by Carla Wright. Mike Griffin, Adam Eltinge, and Dennis Willows were convicts, while Beth Williams-Gieger dressed as their warden.

The Kiwanis Club strutted up to the stage in red, white and blue, plugging the Fourth of July, and their Pig War Picnic event.

The first round of questions began. What is the biggest freshwater lake in the world? Many teams gave Siberia’s Lake Baikal as their answer, but the correct answer was Lake Superior. After some research, via Google, it was discovered Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake by volume, but Lake Superior is the largest lake on the surface. At the end of round one, teams were in a tight race, with eighth graders at 10 points and Spring Streeters at 13. The rest of the teams ranged in between those numbers.

Unfortunately not all the teams were able to answer which county has the most miles of shoreline? Most teams were able to come up with the correct answer, which was San Juan County. All of the players were able to give the correct year of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote, which was 1920.

Round two came to a close, and Snow read the final question, “Name four of the five Cascade volcanoes located in Washington.”

A few teams incorrectly named Mt. Hood, which is in Oregon. All five are Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainer, Mt. Adams, Glacier Peak, and Mt. Saint Helens.

Scores were tallied, and Soroptimists, with 43 points became the champions.