Pigs on the Wing channels Pink Floyd at the San Juan Community Theatre

  • Fri Jul 21st, 2017 7:00am
  • Life

Submitted by Pigs on the Wing

Portland, Oregon-based Pink Floyd tribute band, Pigs on the Wing bring an intense, high-energy experience to the table that is both true to the original and unapologetic in its interpretation. Band members believe this has set them apart from the other tributes from the very beginning. Pigs on the Wing will perform on Saturday, July 28 and Sunday, July 29 at the San Juan Community Theatre, at 7:30 p.m. Advance tickets are $24, each night, and available at sjctheatre.org. Discounts are available for purchasing tickets for both nights at the box office only.

Pigs on the Wing heavily emphasize the rock dynamics and psychedelic intensity of 1970s era Floyd. They started in 2006, in a one-off performance of “Dark Side of the Moon.” The band’s current touring production has included live renditions of the infamous “Wizard of Oz” sync, full performances of multiple Floyd albums including “Animals,” “Wish you Were Here,” and this year’s production of “The Wall.” The result is a show which is an authentic, accurately performed, yet refreshing take on the music and experience of Pink Floyd that the band believes any Floyd fan will appreciate. None are bigger Floyd fans than the members of Pigs on the Wing themselves.

As vocalist Keeley St. Clair put it in a recent interview in Oregon Music News, “I think I can speak for everyone in the band in saying that we take good care to be stewards of the music that we admire so much as a band….It’s a big responsibility to play such well-loved music.”

Famously contentious in its making and mind-blowing in the scale of its live production, “The Wall” is a piece Pigs on the Wing have circled around for years but only now feel the timing right to produce in its entirety. Pigs on the Wing believe the music and lyrical themes speak for themselves and bear no political commentary from them in their relevance to our modern day — but do feel the album makes a timely statement.