Lecture on ‘a sense of place’ at the San Juan Island Grange

  • Mon Jun 11th, 2018 2:18pm
  • Life

Submitted by San Juan Island Grange

Do you have a sense of humor? Can you see it or measure it? No, but you do know when you’ve or someone else has lost it.

In the same way, a sense of place is invisible — but essential — to give you grounding in daily life. A “sense of place” has been described as “playful learning” and “developing an ecological identity.” Deciding to belong to a place has many facets, including ongoing exploration, a hobby that keeps providing brain-enhancing activities and outdoor appreciation. The Salish Sea is a world-class transboundary ecosystem, and it needs people who know and care about it. “Active hope” describes how to respond to the challenges and threats of the Salish Sea with unexpected resilience and creative power. Whether you are newly arrived or old-island roots or somewhere in between, or even just visiting, this presentation will give you a new perspective and inventive ideas.

Join San Juan Islander Shann Weston and Lopez Islanders Nikyta Palmisani and Milla Prince, Monda, June 18, at the San Juan Grange hall. Come at 5 p.m. for the potluck, or bring your own dinner. The presentation will be from 6-7:30 p.m.

This event is part of the San Juan Island Grange lecture series, which strives to foster social and political engagement, discussion and to maintain the historical hall as a home for celebrations and programs.

The San Juan Island Grange has been a community of growers, makers and keepers since 1931. The grange is nonpartisan, and so is this event.