Staff photo/Hayley Day Two members of the eighth-grade team think of an answer.

23rd annual Knowledge Bowl

A month after a heavy snow canceled the 23rd annual Knowledge Bowl, a different snow started the rescheduled game.

“Thanks for coming out a month after the original date,” said Brent Snow, event emcee and San Juan Island School District board member.

On March 6, three San Juan Island School District teams and three local civic organizations competed in an island-style Jeopardy at the San Juan Community Theatre. The event — which cost $5 adults, $3 for those under 18, and nothing for ages 6 and under — raises money for the San Juan Island Public Schools Foundation, which supports the San Juan Island School District.

The 11th- and 12th-grade team won with a score of 81 and received various island gift certificates for each participant.

“And $1,500 in cash,” said Snow. “Oh, no, it’s $5 to Sweet Retreat.”

Four-person teams collaborated on answers, written on dry erase boards and held so the audience could read. By the end of the first round’s 20 questions — worth one point each — the ninth and 10th graders’ team was in the lead, followed by the eighth graders and the Rotary Club.

A second round brought questions worth two points each. Tabulated with sharpies on paper easels, scores put the 11th and 12th graders in the lead with 45, followed by a tie with 35 between the Rotary and Soroptimist clubs.

Teams placed their bets for the final category — science and geography.

“What body of water has the largest tidal range in the world?” asked Snow. The 11th and 12th graders, Rotary Club and Kiwanis knew — the Bay of Fundy.

An uproar of applause secured the eighth-grade team the win for best costume as monarch butterflies. They were followed by the Rotary Club, dressed as secular monks, who walked, head bowed with clasped hands when they entered the theater.

Near the end of the evening, the San Juan Island Public Schools Foundation awarded San Juan Island School District superintendent a check for $117,940. That’s the amount the foundation has raised in the 2016-17 school year, which will be used before the end of the year, said Brian Moore, vice president of the San Juan Island Public Schools Foundation. Moore added that 100 percent of foundation donations fund classrooms, not operational costs.

Friday Harbor Middle School eighth graders, Friday Harbor High School 11th and 12th graders, FHHS ninth and 10th graders, the Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary Club and Soroptimist competed for the title of 2017 Knowledge Bowl winners.

“It’s really a fun event, and that’s the whole goal,” said Moore.

Additional San Juan Island Public Schools Foundation fundraisers include seeking donations through a phone-a-thon and and selling school directory ads to local businesses.

Are you as smart as a Knowledge Bowl winner? Below are the first five questions of the night. For answers, pick up the March 15 edition of The Journal.

  1. What is the largest cell on the planet?
  2. Using the slope intercept formula, calculate the slope for the following coordinates: 0,-2 and -6,4
  3. In poetry, what term is defined as a comparison using like or as?
  4. Which of the four basic forces of the universe is most directly responsible for keeping the planets aligned?
  5. What is the major key with five flats?


Staff photo/Hayley Day The 23rd annual Knowledge Bowl featured three San Juan Island School District teams and three local civic organizations.

Staff photo/Hayley Day The Rotary Club “monks” solemnly enter the theater.

Staff photo/Hayley Day The Friday Harbor High School upperclassmen team solves a math problem.

Staff photo/Hayley Day A member of the “Hawaiian” Lions team reveals their answer.

Staff photo/Hayley Day Soroptimist members think hard to answer a question.

Staff photo/Hayley Day The Kiwanis team collaborates during the event’s second round.

Staff photo/Hayley Day Two Rotary Club members work together to solve a problem.

Staff photo/Hayley Day The Friday Habor High School Jazz Band played before the game and during intermission.

Staff photo/Hayley Day San Juan Island Public Schools Foundation representatives award San Juan Island School District superintendent a check for $117,940 for the district near the end of the game.