New filling station at Roche Harbor Village

1920s-style architectural elements were incorporated into the design of Roche Harbor's new filling station. The station offers 87 octane

Roche Harbor has a new filling station.

The single-pump station is located in the upper parking lot at the top of the hill. The parking lot has been regraded and reconfigured, and is being landscaped with 75 red maples.

The station is designed with 1920s-style architectural elements and signage. It is not staffed; payment is by credit card only. It offers 87-octane Shell gasoline. Prices are comparable to those in town.

“It’s basically a service for the north end of the island,” said Pat Carver of the Roche Harbor Village staff. “It’s part of our little village that we are creating here.”

A gas station located in front of the Roche Harbor Company Store was removed in the mid-1990s.