Wolverines’ Girls Basketball kicks off with three home games

Three nearly back-to-back home games kicked off the start of the Wolverines’ basketball season.

“Our main goal for this first week of games was to learn some things about ourselves… things like what our strengths are, what we need to focus on improving, and what are the best roles on the team for each player,” Girls basketball coach Sue Grenfell said. “I think the team definitely accomplished this goal and will be able to really build on this week’s experiences.”

Leading scorers from last year, according to Grenfell, were freshman Vera Schoultz and Sheya welty. Schoultz “led all scorers in our game against Meridian High School, scoring 16 points in our Wednesday evening game,” she said, while senior Sheya Welty lead in scoring on Friday night in the game against Toledo High School. “She had 16 points, including four three-pointers. Sheya is back with the team after a year away from high school basketball when she was on foreign exchange in Germany,” Grenfell added.

All the games were thrilling to watch. The girls were not able to pull off a win just yet, but they fought hard and spectators could see the players increase after each one.

“The team is really working on their communication, and I’ve been very pleased so far with the hustle we have shown, and our ability to make adjustments and improvements during the games,” Grenfell said.

The next game will be against the Orcas Vikings on Friday, Dec. 8 at 5:30 p.m. in the the Turnbull Gym.

Photo contributed by Ally Sandwith
Mia Germain takes a shot.

Photo contributed by Ally Sandwith Mia Germain takes a shot.