Wolverines’ basketball weekly wrap up

The moment one enters the gym, the energy can be felt. The game is heated as both teams are packed in the stands. Orcas Vikings brought many eager fans as adults and classmates showed up for the Wolverines.

From the start of the game, the tension could be felt, and the boys on the court knew it too.

By the second quarter, the Vikings were ahead of the Wolverines 20-27 as purple and gold fans cheered from the sidelines. The Vikings were tough as they kept making shot after shot steadily gaining a lead on the Wolverines. The Wolverines impressively fought back with Chris Gustafson shooting a 2-pointer followed by a free throw, the score 32-36. With the buzzer of the bell half time ended with a Viking lead 36-30.

The second half could be described as a fight for the lead. Both teams played amazing feats against the scoreboard, gradually creeping up. Alden Carli and Gustafson to note made shots one after another, the score rising from 39-42, 42-45, 47-48.

A three-pointer made by Pierce Kleine scored 52-53 followed by great defense from Cody Anderson as Carli sinks it in, officially tying the score. However, the Vikings didn’t let up easily as they pulled ahead once more.

Within the last 10 seconds, Carli made the last play 60-62, to their dismay, the Vikings pulled ahead, winning the game 63-60.


Lady Wolverines beat Orcas Vikings 63-28

Following the loss of the boys, the girls were ready to win it against the Lady Vikings. The time with returning captain McKenna Clark, a Senior point guard. Back after her injury, the girls were beyond excited and determined to win it.

The game started off strong as the girls went offensive immediately. Vera Schoultz, a freshman, made the first shot 2-1.

Immediately followed after was a 3-point shot from senior Sheya Welty, a two-point shot from Bella Ross, and a 3-point shot from Mia Germain.

The girls displayed excellent teamwork and their shooting accuracy was high and precise. The Lady Wolverines continued racking up points, staying in the lead up until half-time with a score of 30-16.

The girls didn’t let up coming back from half-time, a stunning play-through pulled off by McKenna Clark and Welty, 34-16. As well as a play-through between Caylee Morton and Schoultz.

All the girls did well and were coordinated with each other, the third quarter finishing with a Wolverine lead 47-21.

The Vikings fought back however, they weren’t able to gain a lead on the Lady of Wolverines. The game entered its final quarter and time was running on its final seconds. The Lady Vikings struggled to pull ahead. Germain with another shot in the final seconds, 10 seconds on the dot left for the Vikings.

The game officially ends with the Lady Wolverines winning 63-28.

“It felt like a good team effort today. It’s always fun to play against our rivals so everybody was really excited.” Commented Coach Sue Grenfell. She also commented how in the first quarter the girls started a bit rough but picked it up in the second half of the game. The team effort was there as post-player Schoultz scored 27 points, showcasing the effort the team put in for the win.

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