Wolverine football team on hunt to win back title

Hearing Coach Brock Hauck tell it, this years football team is ready for a great season of football. “We’ve got a lot of good skilled returning players back,” says Hauck. “We got a lot of hungry guys, and this is a great group of young men. We’re looking to win back the league title and go to state. That’s always our goal every year.”

In preparation for this year’s season, Coach Hauck took the team to central Washington for spring camp, and competed well with some 2A, 3A, and 4A schools there.

The team also got off to a great start by beating South Whidbey at the opening game to the season. “This was the first time we’ve ever beaten them in my tenure,” said Hauck. “So that’s good momentum to build off of. The kids really earned that victory. They worked hard.”

According to Hauck the team is up a little from last year, with roughly around 25 or 26 players on the team.

When asked how he hopes the season will play out, Coach Hauck added “We’re fast and physical on defense, and we’re pound the ball on offense. So if you want to beat us, you’re gonna have to try and execute for 48 minutes, because that’s what we talk about. We talk about just executing every play. We never talk about winning or losing or the score, just about executing. So when we do that, we’re tough to beat.”