This year’s Wolverines boy basketball team is tight-knit and ready to get to work

By Isabel Ashley

The Wolverines’ Boys Basketball team has begun yet another season, this being the second year under the direction of head coach Brandyn Pedersen. Prior to that, Pedersen was the head JV Boys Basketball for one year, and has extensive experience coaching younger kids as well as assisting with coaching several different JV sports.

Among the many groups he’s worked with, when looking at this year’s team of 11 players – one who is out for an injury but will return at the end of December – Pedersen highlights their strong bond and comradery as one of their key strengths. This group specifically has been playing together in all sports – not just basketball – for many years, allowing them to strengthen their cohesiveness and teamwork. Only a few players did not grow up on the island and moved here a few years ago, but they fit into the group very quickly. With such strong synergy, the team has been eager to improve and learn together.

“That’s their biggest strength: the fact that they all want to play for each other,” said Pedersen. “They don’t really care who gets the score or the accolades. They just want to figure out how to win.”

In fact, one of the ways the players have shown their commitment to the team is by choosing to all shave their heads before the start of the season. The choice to buzz their heads, when some of the players had long hair before, illustrates to Pedersen that they are all on board and dedicated to the team.

“That to me shows they’re buying in and that they want to get to work,” said Pedersen.

As for areas of growth, Pedersen wants to focus more on the defensive side. However, only being two weeks into the season and just three games under their belts, he is confident that as the team plays more games, their defense will greatly improve. Another opportunity for advancement is keeping up their offense in high-pressure games.

“A big pre-season goal was to make sure they knew their offense. The next goal is to be able to run that offense under pressure,” said Pedersen.

Every other year, teams can expect a large number of home games in a season, and this year the Wolverines enjoy this home court advantage for many of their games early this season. Among the opposing teams they will play, Coupville and La Conner are considered their biggest rivals, according to Pedersen. Spectators are encouraged to come and support on Dec. 15 at 4:30 p.m. and Feb. 9 at 4 p.m. at the Coupville and La Conner home games, respectively. The team only has one overnight game at the end of December and no in-season tournaments, allowing them to spend more time to focus on their goals at hand.

Take advantage of the many home games this season and watch this tight-knit team grow and succeed together.