Golfers predicted to head to state

The team is destined to make it to state this year, coach Jack Rice said. The question is, how? Many of the athletes will go, and whether or not they will bring home a coveted first, second or third place trophy is the real question.

“All three girls made it to district last year, and two made it to state,” Rice explained. The three girls were senior Reese Tagney, sophomore Morgan Douglas and freshman Akira Tokunago. Douglas proceeded on to state. Of the 17 players, the team is young. This means not only are they showing amazing talent, but they will be around for a few years improving and growing the team.

Jack Hess is only a sophomore this year, but went to state last year and placed in the top ten. Finn Graham is another sophomore standing a good chance of going to state. Graham missed state by one shot last year. Sophomore Andrew Rezbec is honing his skills quickly. “We are training him to be the next Phil Nicholson,” Rice laughed. Nicholson is a famous left-handed golfer.

Rezbec, junior Fisher Goosman, and freshmen Sam Herda and PJ Porter Nixon are all strong players that made it to district last year and have a strong chance of going to state this year.

Senior Ryan Rautenberg has been with the team all four years of his high school career and has been playing incredibly well. Rice said he expects to see great things from him this season.

Two new players show promise; eighth-grader Oliver Grifo and freshman Nick McCutcheon.

Rice credits Marcus King, the team’s swing coach, with bringing the team to a new level. “His knowledge has really brought a new level of expertise to the team,” Rice said. Rice also wanted to thank the San Juan Golf and Tennis Club for allowing the team to use the grounds, and the Golf and Tennis Foundation for buying new bags and shirts for the team.

“The people here are just fantastic,” Rice said.

“There is no question we will to state. It’s just a matter of how many of the players. We also have the potential to bring home a trophy, which we have not done in about 10-12 years,” Rice reiterated. The last trophies, Rice said, were brought home by Kendra Meeker and Megan Comou. Will new trophies be added this year?