Both girls and boys basketball seasons come to an end

The Wolverines boys and girls basketball seasons came to an end the weekend of Feb. 12. The boys lost to LaConner 48-38 and the girls lost to Coupeville with 51-13.

“The Wolves played a very good, balanced game, and we could not get anything going offensively,” said Friday Harbor High School girl’s coach Sue Grenfell. “Still, regardless of the score or the outcome, the team felt good about how we ended our season. During halftime, the team committed themselves to ending the season playing hard, playing as a team, and enjoying being on the court together, and they certainly accomplished that.”

For the overall season, the girls ended up with five wins and ten losses. The boys overall scored seven wins and nine losses.

“Everyone was willing to work on the mental and emotional aspects that come with being on a team, and everyone stayed invested in the team’s growth and well-being. After our last game, there were plenty of tears…not because we lost, but because our season was over, and the sadness that comes with knowing we will never have this exact team ever again,” said Grenfell. “I could not be more pleased with this group of young women; they are all people of quality character and generous hearts.”