15th Annual King’s San Juan Island marathon

  • Fri Jun 17th, 2016 4:03pm
  • Sports

Attention drivers, on Saturday June 18 the Lakedale Three Lakes Triathlon will kick off its fourth year with cyclist and runners on the roadways and the 15 Annual King’s San Juan Island Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k runners will be on the roads; challenging themselves and each other on Sunday the 19.

On Saturday June 18, and Sunday June 19 athletes will be competing on Roche Harbor road, West Valley Road, Beaverton Valley Road, West Side Drive, Egg Lake Road, Bailer Hill Road. No. 2 School House Road, San Juan Valley Road, West Side Drive, and Three Meadows Lane.

Organizers ask drivers to slow down and obey the posted speed limits and caution signs, yield to pedestrians and cyclists when turning, use caution when passing athlete aid stations, and allow three feet when passing bicyclists.

Organizers ask athletes to not to wear headphones; they need to be able to hear if a car is approaching.

Slow down and check for oncoming traffic before entering or crossing any street or intersection, do your best to anticipate hazards and adjust your position in traffic accordingly, and be predictable, ride with the flow of traffic and Run against traffic, and in a straight line.

Volunteers are still needed sign up at the FHHS Purple and Gold Facebook group.