Vote for Watson-Letter

Bill Watson has impressed me ever since we first met. I was immediately struck by his commitment to and understanding of our islands.For one thing, he had done his homework –since January, when he first decided to run, for example, he has taken in every single councilmeeting! Not only that, but in the ten years he has lived here he not only has continued his software consulting business, but also hasmade a significant impact on our islands and on many things I consider vital.

• He supports our farmers. While on the staff of the Economic Development Council he helped to create the SJI Agricultural Guild, which isof great importance to me as a huge supporter of our farmers’ market.

• He deeply cares about the environment. He not only joins organizations as a volunteer, but becomes a leader. He knows that the uniquebeauty of these islands is what attracted all of us here; and he wants to help keep them that way through civil debate and constructiveaction.

• He is committed to solving the problems of affordable housing, vacation rentals, and land use, and especially to broadening to a morebalanced economy less dependent on tourism. He feels that as a community we need to have a conversation concerning how manyvisitors is optimal. I’m convinced that Bill has the capacity and determination to make our islands an even better place. Many of us recallwith longing when our three county commissioners – though having strong personalities and divergent ideas – worked through issues inopen and frank public discussions. Bill advocates a similar approach to county business. He also appreciates that citizens need to feelheard by their elected officials and to be confident that they come into public hearing rooms not with preordained decisions, but withopen minds and hearts.

Please join me in supporting Bill Watson for county council. He is smart and clear-headed, often thinks out of the box, and sincerelydesires to make a positive difference.

Jean Shreve

San Juan