Thanks from the Habitat truck | Letter

Thanks go out to all Orcas Islanders who donated to the Skagit Habitat for Humanity’s Store truck. During the three hours the truck was parked at Island Market on the 4th of April, donors came by to provide items that can be reused. The truck left filled. This visit was, once again, coordinated with Pete Moe, executive director of Orcas Recycling Services and The Exchange, and was a continuing and growing relationship between SHFH and ORS. If fact, Pete helped with the process at the truck, and got to meet donors and talk to them about the coming reopening of The Exchange. Donor comments dramatically emphasized how much islanders are eager for The Exchange to be back in business.

Specific thanks go to Jason Linnes of Island Market for granting permission to use Island Market’s parking lot; Colleen Armstrong and, and Margie Doyle and for their public notices; and Pete Moe and the board of directors of ORS. For now, no “next time” is scheduled for the Habitat Store truck to return, but it will be back periodically until The Exchange is up and running.

Jim Duffield

Orcas Island