Talk about climate change | Letters

While my two favorite candidates are discussing real issues that are very important to the vast majority of us, I believe that there is one issue that affects every living creature on the face of the earth: climate changes caused by our own actions and excesses.

We can continue to ignore and question the veracity of the findings of the multitude of scientists, world wide, who have been trying to make their voices heard and their warnings heeded, to our ultimate destruction, or act now to make the necessary drastic changes and hope we are not already too late.

I think that for many people, the injustices that affect them personally take precedence over what seems to be a more distant and impersonal problem in our current political theater. To some degree, this is true, but the reality of global climate change is the one problem that, ignored long enough, will become irreversible.

Without exception, all of our other problems, when compared with the consequences of that irreversible juggernaut, are small. If we can save our planet, we will have the time to work out the rest of our differences.

I am not suggesting that everything else besides climate change should be ignored, but I would like to hear my favorite two candidates discuss exactly what programs they would work to initiate, in cooperation with other nations, to slow down or hopefully stop what appears to be an unstoppable fate.

Detlef Wieck

San Juan Island