Superdelegates, stand with your voters | Editorial

Recently, constituents have raged online toward Rep Larsen for his endorsement for Hillary Clinton as president when Bernie Sanders reigned supreme at Democratic caucuses across the state. And we want to know, why Larsen is swimming upstream.

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People want to know why Larsen is putting his super delegate support in for Clinton while his constituents are crying, “We want Bernie.” In the Democratic Party, a super delegate is an unelected delegate who is free to support any candidate for the presidential nomination at the party’s national convention.

What may be interesting to the public is that while delegates must follow their people, super delegates have the freedom to make their own decision and can change their support at any moment.

A Facebook page called “Rick Larsen- Represent Those you Represent” with nearly 300 members is devoted to swaying the congressman to endorse Bernie.

While some of the posts are helpful, as in the rally in Seattle April 16 for fair delegates, other posts complaining that Larsen did not thumb wrestle a middle schooler who visited his office, are less constructive and reminiscent of ridiculous character judgement tactic Republicans are often blamed for using. Let’s focus on the issues Larsen and other super delegates have gone “rogue” in the eyes of the people. Let’s stick to the facts and appeal to super delegates based on platforms that the candidates are running on. While San Juan Islanders are not the ones using these tactics, we can join the fight in asking these superdelegates to listen to us. And in turn we can hear what the superdelegates have to say. Larsen did not have time to discuss the issue as of press time, but I am sure we will all be interested to hear more specifics on why he is going against the grain; perhaps his reasons would give us some piece of mind.While we can be angered by Larsen’s decision as a super delegate, we must understand that he is not bound to the majority but as our representative we can ask him to stand by the numbers, to stand with his people, his state and as many votes candidly stated, by those that choose to elect him.