McVeigh endorsed by SJC state representatives

Submitted by the Committee to Elect Kari McVeigh – Kari4council

We are pleased to announce that Kari McVeigh, candidate for San Juan County Council, District 1, has received the full support of all three legislators from our 40th District. Senator Liz Lovelett, Representative Alex Ramel, and Representative Debra Lekanoff have formally endorsed Kari for the council position. Their collective support highlights Kari’s qualifications and dedication to serving our community.

In endorsing Kari, Representative Lekanoff said, “Individuals who have engaged at the local, tribal, and state levels in policy, regulatory and fiscal decisions bring immense value to the lawmaking table. Your experience as a School Superintendent provides a strong foundation for informed and effective decision-making. Your voice, along with the diverse experiences that others bring to the table, will be highly valued. This kind of diverse knowledge and representation is essential for bringing people together and fostering collaborative solutions.”