Letter to the Editor Regarding EMS Election

How hard is it to replace a friend you have had for forty-five years? If it hadn’t been for the EMS service in her small town, my friend Sharon would not have survived a major heart attack last year. Luckily, her community supports Emergency Medical Service and has a skilled cardiac care unit at their regional hospital.

I am very concerned about losing our EMS if the levy vote fails again. Most of us want to continue to be blessed by living here and have family and friends we want to keep, and EMS can help. Our community is quick to support members in need, particularly those with medical problems. Why can’t we see that the EMS levy as support for friends in need? None of us can predict when or if we might need Emergency Medical services, but we all need it to be there. Please vote YES on the upcoming EMS levy election.

Laura Jo Severson

Friday Harbor, Washington