Lessons from the snow | Editorial

Careening down the hill, scarf flying behind me, snow pelting my face, I was overcome with happiness. There’s nothing like sledding to bring out the kid in all of us.

When the snow fell last week, something changed. We forgot about politics; we shirked our regular duties; we put on our mittens, and we played. To read more about the rare February snow on our archipelago, go to page 1. Despite the grumbles about missed appointments and canceled events, children, teens and adults reveled in the change of pace. Here is what some of our readers said they loved and hated about the experience:

“Walking at dusk last night, the snow still falling, so quiet and so peaceful. Few footprints of critters in the roadway, but otherwise fully blanketed.”

“We couldn’t get down our hill but we loved sledding and the untouched snow.”

“The beauty of it all, especially in the trees!”

“It makes you feel alive and optimistic that change is always ever present.”

“The quiet.”

“I hate that my snow plow machine was broken, and I loved staying home for once.”

“It made me feel like a kid again, and I loved watching the dogs go crazy in it.”

“Being able to see the beautiful details of some of the BIG snowflakes as they flew by!

“The joy in my husband’s face as he went out after dark to sled, and watching my daughter experience its difficulties (via walking in it) and her joy through playing in it.”

“How it sugar coats everything and makes even a pile of rusty old stuff look like poetry.”

With the winter weather came cars stuck in ditches and people marooned in homes. But as is our way of life, neighbors helped neighbors, food was brought to those in need and rides were given.

Because we are used to a relatively mild cold season, many are not prepared for an emergency. OPALCO, Orcas Fire and Rescue, San Juan County Emergency Management and the Sheriff’s Office are hosting a “Community Forum on Emergency Preparedness” on Tuesday, Feb. 21 from 4 to 6:30 p.m. at the Orcas Senior Center. Presenters will share best practices and discuss individual and neighborhood planning.

Thank you to the weather gods for bestowing us with a true, white winter. It was fun. But we’re also grateful it melted before it became too much to handle.