Land Bank is not guilty by association in Zylstra Lake Trail | Letter

No, Sheryl Alb, the Land Bank is not guilty by association as you claim in your letter of 20 March. The Land Bank may be joined at the hip with the County, but they are of two minds on trails, especially the Zylstra trail. Yes the Land Bank is involved in trail projects but, again, not this one. There is in fact evidence of this with comments of my own during Land Bank Commission meetings when I was a Commissioner. Your assertions are just wrong as were Ron Whalen’s. Why do you promote false information? Show us your examples of the Land Bank expressing “specific support of the trail.” There aren’t any. Please, again, let’s stick to the truth. We have lived here for thirty years and have always been staunch supporters of the Land Bank and what they do for the people of this County.

Jim Skoog

San Juan Island