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Father’s Day| Editorial

In recognition of Father’s Day, the Journal asked its readers to share what they have learned from their dads.

• I learned how important it is to have both your parents in your life. My dad showed me that men are sensitive too.

• I learned to clean a fish, shoot and clean a rifle and set up a tent.

• The “apple” didn’t fall far from the tree – his work ethic and attention to detail, not to mention his ongoing support for me, which is priceless. I love my dad!

• If you have a German accent and tell the hostess that your last name is Schwarzenegger you can get a table at any restaurant!

• How to bait a hook.

• My dad was a CPA and only ever gave me two pieces of financial advice: When you can, get paid in cash. And never open a restaurant.

• To listen to nature and respect her.

• Respect each other, be kind and just do it!

• How to drive a spike and shovel slag.

• To question churches and religion.

• How to whistle like a pro, and shoot water out by squeezing my hands to hit people in the pool or sea. Both have served me well!

• Everyone deserves a chance…until they prove to you that they don’t.

• How to throw a ball – and a punch. How to ride a bike – at age 3. How to drive, and how to enjoy a drive. And how to be happy doing just about anything.

• How to change a tire, whistle and fish.

• What NOT to do.

• To care about our beautiful world and that we need to care for it. He was a fisheries biologist and fighting for our salmon back in the 60s, and he understood the decline of our fish, from his studies. He understood the impact of too many people back then.

• The best conversations are deep ones, curious and philosophical. He showed me the value of self-reflection and the power of poetry. I’ve learned that just because you think you hate your dad as a teenager doesn’t mean he won’t turn out to be one of your favorite people as an adult.