Common sense and compromise| Letter

Common sense and compromise| Letter

By Lauren Cohen

This virus was unleashed on us by foreign sources beyond our control.

We, Americans, as always, have varying opinions on the right way to handle this illness that endangers so many. It is disheartening to witness how dreadful our friends and neighbors have been to each other simply because we have differing views on the response to this crisis. Especially from those who hide behind their computers and spew.

One side points at those who want to open our society back up to regain our constitutional rights and says that we don’t care if people die.

Really? Do you truly believe that individuals in this community want to sacrifice the lives of people we know and respect without a care? A despicable and ignorant accusation.

The other side says that those who would keep us on lockdown thrive on this drama and are happy to see businesses fail and have the government support them.

Really? Do you truly believe that we all don’t want to get back to work and to our idyllic way of life? People react to fear differently. Be more understanding.

Our leaders, federal, state and county, found themselves in an untenable position of figuring out what to do that best serves everyone. Unfortunately, many did not do that as most elected officials are not prepared nor capable of guiding a population through a crisis of this magnitude. Instead of leading from a place of courage, common sense and compromise, their decisions were made from panic and fear. Many completely abdicated their responsibilities to unelected public health officials who may or may not be experts on a virus but have no wisdom on what is best for a community, state or the country as a whole.

What happened to balance in decision making? What happened to leaders remembering that they are servants of those who elected them and thus obligated to get input from all segments of our communities to incorporate into a strategy for fighting this virus?

We should all fear the unquenchable thirst for power and control over the citizenry that has been demonstrated by so many governors, councils and mayors throughout this country. It is a power they will be hard-pressed to ever relinquish. Tyranny is never acceptable. Trampling liberty, the Constitution and Bill of Rights should never be tolerated. Crushing the lives and livelihoods of hard-working Americans cannot possibly have been the only answer. Common sense has all but disappeared from the equation.

I call on all elected officials everywhere at this point in this catastrophe to use some common sense, compromise and balance to return us to normality before it is too late.

I call on all citizens everywhere to be kinder and more understanding of different points of view.

Agree to disagree and find a commonality that will help heal our communities.