Better than the alternative | Editorial

Wouldn’t it be swell if you could forget about all those complicated issues of the day, ignore the campaigns of this candidate or that, and just remain steadfastly unconcerned and uninformed about any upcoming election or about what direction would be best for your ballot to be cast?

Wouldn’t that be swell?

Well, we say, “Absolutely not.”

Sure, it’s a well-worn cliche, but participating in elections is the cornerstone of any well-functioning democratic society and seems a small price to pay for the many freedoms that we enjoy here in the San Juans and across the nation.

While there may be plenty of room for improvement, we ignore taking part in elections, local and beyond, at our own peril.

On that note, we encourage islanders to become informed about a pair of elections on the horizon. Island Rec is not only seeking renewal of its 6-year property tax levy but, at 38.5 cents per $1,000 of assessed value, an increase that’s more than double its current rate.

Meanwhile, two positions on the OPALCO board of directors are up for election. Both these entities have unique missions and an important part to play in the islands. But what the future role of each will be is, in large part, up to you.