Bernie is best | Letters

In all of the hundreds of articles from the various bloggers, pundits, and news sources that I’ve read to date reflecting on this year’s democrat presidential candidates the following stands out in my mind the most:

“Far from signaling women’s triumph over a patriarchal establishment, Clinton’s election to the presidency would symbolize that a woman can only win the general election by compromising her integrity in compliance with a rigged campaign finance system that serves the same corrupt political forces that have subordinated women and people of color for generations. Perhaps women and society in general are skeptical of the glass-ceiling argument for electing Clinton because we have seen how that worked out with the first African-American president. The election of Barack Obama did not magically elevate the status of blacks in this country. It did not result in better education in black neighborhoods or end mass incarceration or keep the lead out of the water in Flint, Mich. The appeal of symbolic victories just does not hold up against reality.

By supporting Sanders, many young women are seizing an opportunity to dismantle a racist, sexist, classist political establishment that until recently may have seemed unalterable.”

Hillary may be IMO the best candidate to represent the system that we have today (after-all she helped create it), but Bernie IMO represents the best candidate for those that want to see a change.

Michael “MJ” Johnson

Orcas Island