Be considerate at the gravel pit, leash your dogs and pick up waste | Letters

It is not stated on the board that the gravel pit is an off-leash dog park; but assumed.

This has gotten out of hand for a number of reasons. First there are no gates so the location is unsecured. Which means that dogs can get out and onto the road, resulting in the death of an animal or potential car accident.

The second reason is that people walk and jog there to keep fit. It is disconcerting when an unleashed dog runs up to them and jumps on them or barks at them or they step in dog poop.

This is the third reason that the off-leash dogs are out of control. People are not picking up after their dogs and there is dog poop everywhere. I always walk my dogs on leash to keep them safe and under total control. I went to walk my dogs this morning and barely got through the entrance and my dogs were attacked by three dogs off-leash. The owners yelled for them but they did not immediately respond.

The gravel pit is for every body and all these off-leash dogs are ruining it for many. There are two secure off-leash dog parks on Mullis Street, and out at Roche Harbor. Go there to play with your dog off-leash, but all dogs that go to the gravel pit should be on leash to be considerate to the other people who use it; and pick up your dog poop.

Leaving it is rude and inconsiderate. If you agree and want to complain about the off leash out of control dogs at the gravel pit, call Island Rec 378-4953.

Roberta Roberston

Friday Harbor