Town will direct November Harbor Life Ring donations to Friday Harbor Food Bank

Submitted by The Town of Friday Harbor

“You don’t have to be a Town resident to help us support the Friday Harbor Food Bank this November,” said Mayor Jackson. “Donations to the Harbor Life Ring Program are open to ANYONE who wishes to visit our Finance Office at Town Hall. The Town is providing a total grant of up to $5,000 to match donations this year!”

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Harbor Life Ring Utilities Assistance program. Since its launch nine years ago, your generous donations have afforded relief to dozens of households experiencing temporary financial troubles. (To donate, please see the special line item on monthly utility bills or visit the Town Finance Office.)

Each November we ask that you help us with another important community need— the Friday Harbor Food Bank. The FHFB spends over $10,000 each month serving over 745 households, an average of 1,475 individuals per month! In the last year, they provided nearly 500,000 pounds of food to locals, and they do this entirely through community donations.

According to FHFB manager Rachelle Radonski, the need for your generous donations is even greater in these economic times. “The needs of the Food Bank patrons are ongoing and critical,” said Radonski. “Food costs continue to rise, but the Food Bank is committed to keeping healthy produce and proteins available. With the holidays upon us, the number in need will grow even larger.”

To assist with the Food Bank’s need for funding, the town will direct all of the donations from this month’s Harbor Life Ring to the Friday Harbor Food Bank. Each year you have answered the Town’s call to contribute, and the Town has matched your donations. This year, the Town is increasing that match up to a total of $5,000!

All donations are tax-deductible. Donations from the public are accepted at the Town Hall Finance Department. Friday Harbor customers can also donate while paying their utility bills.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and all that we have to be thankful for, here is the perfect way to pay it forward. Please consider an extra contribution at the bottom of your utility billing. Thank you for your generous support, and best wishes to you and yours this holiday season!