The Stand Up Men ask you to join them

The Stand Up Men of San Juan Island

Last year DVSAS and The Stand Up Men reached out and asked for 100 men to donate $100 to honor a woman in their lives. It wasn’t just the money that mattered. It was the statement being made by the men both to their community and to the women who knew them. “Violence is not acceptable, and we will STAND UP against it” in 2015! Thanks to the many generous men, almost $12,000 was raised to support our work!

Here is how YOU can join our cause this year…

The Stand Up Men and DVSAS invite men and women, young and old, business owners and employees to join our 1,000 Island Voices by giving $100 in honor of a loved one or friend.

Your name, or the name of your business, will be listed in the paper at the end of the month. This way everyone will know that you have joined your voice with ours as we are “Speaking Up to Break the Silence Surrounding Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault” in 2016.

We will send a message that the hate and cruelty of the few do not speak for our islands.

This should truly be a paradise for everybody!

Please visit our website: then click on the STAND UP MEN tab and donate today! Or you can mail a check to our Administration office at: DVSAS, PO Box 1516 Eastsound, WA 98245.