Skydivers inspire students

The threat of rain did not dampen the excitement of the middle school students who turned out to watch skydivers land on the Friday Harbor High School football field. The skydivers from Jump for Joy were there to inspire students and spark interest in the film festival.

“How many of you have dreams?” skydiver Neil Amonson asked the middle school students after disentangling himself from his parachute.

The event was coordinated with the Friday Harbor Film Festival and KAVU as well as Jump for Joy. KAVU, Klear Above Unlimited Visibility, is an outdoor clothing company founded by locals Bruce Barr and his son Barry Barr. Bruce will be honored by the Friday Harbor Film Festival with a Local Hero award Nov. 4. (For more information on that read the Journal’s Oct. 19 issue.)

“There are dreamers, planners, and doers,” Amonson said, “some of you may feel more comfortable planning, and you probably do really well in school.”

He went on to explain there is no right way to be, as long as you are not holding yourself back.

Skydiver Sue Grahm also spoke to the students.

“I love to skydive, and I love to ski,” Grahm said. “Often times as I was learning those extreme sports, I would look around and realize I was the only woman. Just like if you are the oldest, the youngest, you might feel scared or alone. Don’t let your fears limit your dreams.”

Grahm and Amonson went on to ask for volunteers to demonstrate how to make dreams grow, the importance of planning, and follow through action.

“Remember, no dream is too small,” Amonson said sending the students back to their classroom.