Sisters accused of burglary and trespassing livestream arrest on Facebook

Two sisters were arrested on Lopez Island after illegally staying in a home and brandishing a machete at police officers.

Ashley Hanson and Ciejay Hanson, both in their mid-30s, were detained at the Lopez Ferry Terminal on Oct. 7 around 9:30 p.m. They have been charged with burglary and criminal trespassing, according to San Juan County Sheriff Ron Krebs.

The women live-streamed the arrest on Facebook, calling it an “act of terrorism.” They could be heard screaming and yelling for help as deputies calmly asked them to chat outside their vehicle. They eventually agreed, and deputies were able to make an arrest.

The women are accused of breaking into a Lopez home earlier that week. After the homeowner discovered them living inside the residence, he called the police. By then, they had barricaded themselves in the house and were armed with a machete.

“None of us were eager to go into the residence. It would not have been a good outcome,” Krebs explained. “After convincing them to leave and drive to the ferry, officers got another domestic call and left to deal with that. Then they caught them at the ferry line. Once they are in a car it’s much safer than if they were standing on the porch with a machete.”

Krebs said there will likely be additional charges because “they have been causing a lot of problems on Lopez over the last month or so.”

Ashley Hanson purchased property on Lopez in late July but has not yet moved onto it, Krebs explained.

“They told their father the house was given to them, which is obviously not factual,” he said. “It’s really sad and unfortunate. I really hope they get some help and can be peaceful and healthy.”