Shoreline Master Program ordinance official comment period

  • Thu Mar 26th, 2020 1:30am
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Submitted by San Juan County

The Washington Department of Ecology and San Juan County will hold a joint public hearing in council’s legislative hearing room on April 21, on an ordinance to amend the shoreline regulations for the required periodic review. Ecology staff will participate via SKYPE. Within 30 days after the public hearing, county must send Ecology all comments and the county’s response to them.

Written comments sent to or Community Development are preferred, especially under current circumstances. Written comments are easy to track and transmit to Ecology. The county will implement social distancing procedures at the hearing if anyone wants to testify in person. If requested in your written submittal, staff will read your written comments into the record.

To view a copy of the legal notice and for information on how to comment, visit

Draft Ordinance: TO UPDATE THE SHORELINE MASTER PROGRAM REGULATIONS;AMENDING SAN JUAN COUNTY CODE (SJCC) 18.20.020, 18.20.140, 18.20.190, 18.50.020, 18.50.030, 18.50.040, 18.50.050, 18.50.450, 18.50.540, 18.50.550, 18.50.600, 18.80.110 AND 15.12.030

The staff report can be viewed at

For more information, visit You can also call Project Manager Linda Kuller at 360-370-7572 with your questions.