School district seeks levy renewal

  • Fri Jan 31st, 2020 1:30am
  • News

The San Juan Island School District is asking that the public renew its capital and technology levy in the upcoming election on Feb. 11.

The request is not for a new levy, but a renewal of an existing levy with a lower rate than the expiring one. According to the Committee for the Support of San Juan School District Levies and Bonds, 100 percent of the levy funds stay in the community and go toward maintaining the school facilities. The levy is a four-year, set amount request for the public to invest in the school’s students; safety; modernization; and to benefit the entire community.

“The state does not provide any funding for capital needs,” the committee stated on a webpage about the levy. “It is incumbent on school districts to pass capital levies to pay for projects which will keep our children safe, buildings healthy and classrooms functional.”

According to the committee, the levy is the only source for funding for projects including elementary and middle school safety improvements; high school classroom upgrades for science and arts; energy savings upgrades; repaving the high school parking lot and elementary play area; bleachers for the Turnbull Gym and an upgrade to the high school tennis courts; and reproofing the middle school.

Because the state provides “minimal and insufficient” funding for technology materials and staffing in its basic education funding. The committee explained the levy will allow the school district to provide staffing to support technology infrastructure and equipment; provide upgrades to student computer equipment and allow access to electronic curriculum; provide professional development training to staff about tech programs and curriculum; and implement period upgrades of educational and operation technology.

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