Port of Friday Harbor Commissioner Q&A

Port of Friday Harbor Commissioner Q&A

Two candidates – Barbara E. Marrett and Keith Carver – are running for Port of Friday Harbor Commissioner 2.

The position is non-partisan, with a six-year term.

With the Nov. 7 general election on the horizon, the Journal asked the port candidates a few questions.

For more information, visit www.sanjuanco.com/1221/Elections-Office.

Barbara Marrett

Journal: What makes you the best candidate for port commissioner?


• As an experienced port commissioner, I will use my education and institutional knowledge to move the port forward during this time of new opportunities. And, I will provide continuity of leadership.

• After nearly 40 years as an island resident, I have an intimate knowledge of our community, its diversity, and cast of characters.

• My community service volunteering and serving on boards – from the National Historical Park, the Islands Convalescent Center, Marine Resources Committee, to the National Monument Advisory Committee – means my roots run deeply throughout the islands.

• As the communications and stewardship manager for the San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau, I understand the sensitive balance of promotion of the islands and protection of our environment.

• I have facilitated port partnership with the aviation community to create the Aviation Museum and the Friday Harbor Fly-In at our airport.

• I’ve acted quickly to fulfill requests from citizens; everything from installation of safety ladders at the Port of Friday Harbor Marina to marking or removing derelict vessels.

• I get things done. When approached by the Town and County for the port to cooperate on creating a customs inspection space at our airport, I facilitated making it happen.

• My background as a long-distance ocean sailing instructor and 100 Ton Licensed Captain has developed my team approach to problem-solving.

• My work ethic, positive attitude, and approachability make me the best candidate. I look forward to continuing to bring energy, intelligence, and imagination to the job if re-elected.

Journal: What is the biggest challenge at the port and how would you address it?

BM: Addressing the projected decline in private ownership and use of small private planes and boats while both infrastructure and overhead costs are increasing at the port. Informed by data and trends, the port can create a resilient strategic plan to address the need to diversify our revenue streams and create opportunities for year-round businesses. We can fulfill our mission of economic development in sustainable ways such as solar energy generation.

Keith Carver

Journal: What makes you the best candidate for port commissioner?

KC: I bring to the Port of Friday Harbor fresh ideas, years of management experience, honesty, integrity and, transparency. I will devote my time to the port without conflicting interests or other committee commitments or responsibilities.

Journal: What is the biggest challenge at the port and how would you address it?

KC: There are several. The first is port growth. How to manage and sustain growth without putting a burden on the environment and the citizens. The possible acquisition of the Jensen Boat Yard and Marina. Is it a good idea or bad? Clearly the potential positive and negative aspects have to be carefully weighed. I don’t believe the port should rush into this purchase without thoroughly analyzing all of the costs. The second challenge is the airport. The airport is a lifeline to the mainland for Friday Harbor. Medical transport, freight, commercial passengers as well as private passenger traffic require the port keep the airport in first class condition. I would like to see additional revenue generated by leasing space to other businesses that support the airport and its growth. I look forward to working with the commissioners to solve these and unforeseen future issues while maintaining the Port’s financial viability.


Contributed photo                                Keith Carver

Contributed photo Keith Carver

Contributed photo                                Barbara Marrett

Contributed photo Barbara Marrett