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  • Tue May 13th, 2008 7:14am
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Koons ranks first in critical care paramedic class

San Juan Island EMS paramedic Weyshawn Koons is now certified as a Critical Care Paramedic.

She ranked first in her class after a three-week course held at the Medical College of Georgia. Koons scored 99 percent on the final exam.

Graduates of this specialized course have gained an understanding of the special needs of critical patients, become familiar with critical care procedures and equipment, and developed the skills necessary to maintain the stability of the critical care patient in the gap between pre-hospital and hospital settings.

“The Critical Care Paramedic certification is the highest-available nationally recognized advanced practice for paramedics,” EMS Chief Jim Cole said. 

“The additional knowledge and skill Weyshawn has gained will allow our paramedics to care for our islands’ residents using the highest standard of prehospital care training available. Additional staff will attend the course later this year.”

Area firefighters complete FF2 certification test

Firefighters from San Juan Island, Lopez Island and Snohomish County fire departments participated in an International Fire Service Accreditation Congress Firefighter 2 certification test recently held at the San Juan Island Fire Station on Mullis Street.

The written test and practical skills evaluation are based on a nationally recognized curriculum. This is the same certification undertaken by firefighters in larger departments like Seattle and Tacoma.

San Juan Island department members participating in the testing included Daven Holzer, Tad Lean and Mark Tompkins. Larry Harris of Lopez Island Fire Department also commuted to San Juan to participate in the class and evaluation.

Other San Juan Island Fire Department members that have previously completed Firefighter 2 certification off island: Kyle Davies, Jerry Henderson, Michael Henderson and David Howitt.