Mayor Ray Jackson announces County Council candidacy

Town of Friday Harbor Mayor Ray Jackson announced Tuesday, Jan 16 on CNL2, community television and radio, that he will be running for County Council position 1.

“As most people know, I’ve been the mayor for the past two years. And I really appreciate it. I enjoyed being the mayor,” Jackson said adding he has loved having the ability to reach out to the public, talk to people and listen to their problems, and to hopefully find solutions. “I just turned 58 And you know, I’ve given a lot of thought and being a mayor.” Although he has loved being Mayor, he continued, it can be limiting regarding the larger impact on the San Juan community in general.

“I feel that now it’s time for me to move a little bit further up to make more of a difference and a change. And because of that, today, I’m going to formally announce and I’m going to throw my hat in the ring, and go for the County Council seat here in San Juan Island.”

The position is currently held by Christine Minney. Minney has not yet officially announced whether she will be rerunning. Candidate filing week is May 6-9, and the election occurs Nov. 5.

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