Mask distribution to San Juan County businesses

  • Thu Jun 4th, 2020 9:28pm
  • News

Submitted by San Juan County

In order to help support the business community, San Juan County has acquired a stockpile of more than 7,000 simple face coverings to distribute to local businesses. The intent is for small quantities to be on hand in the event customers or clients forget their face covering or otherwise arrive without one.

County staff and leaders are directly reaching out to local businesses to distribute face coverings and that effort will be ongoing. In addition, face coverings are available by reaching out to the Chambers of Commerce on each island:




This effort is intended to supplement the outstanding volunteer and non-profit led efforts already underway on each island to make, acquire, and distribute face coverings. Simple face coverings like the ones being distributed by the County are available commercially, but the goal is to provide businesses a boost as we all get used to the Health Officer order requiring face coverings.

Individuals who need help with obtaining a face covering for themselves or their family may contact Health & Community Services at:

LOPEZ: 360-370-7504

ORCAS: 360-376-7926

SAN JUAN/SHAW: 360-370-7500