Lopez man charged with assault and harassment to kill

Albert Noel Miller, Jr., 52, of Lopez Island has been charged with domestic violence order violation, harassment to kill and assault in the fourth degree in San Juan County Superior Court.

His arraignment was held on Nov. 20 and he pleaded not guilty. Miller’s bond was set at $50,000 and his conditions of release include adhering to an anti-harassment protection order; not consuming alcohol or drugs and surrendering firearms. A trial has been set for Feb. 28.

On Nov. 13, 2023, an employee from a Lopez grocery store called 911 about an incident between an employee and Miller. EMS was en route to the business to treat the employee’s injuries. Miller’s son also called 911 from his father’s residence to report Miller had been involved in an altercation at the grocery store and a “knife had been pulled on him.”

The responding deputy interviewed the employee, who said he was working in the produce section when Miller allegedly approached him and said “you’re done this time, you’re f**** dead, I’m gonna beat your ass.” The employee had an active protection order against Miller.

The victim, who uses a knife for tasks at work, stated he “dropped his produce at the start of the contact because he didn’t want Miller claiming he was attacked or threatened with it.” Miller then began allegedly punching him repeatedly in the head. Witnesses stated that the victim was in a defensive position while Miller allegedly assaulted him.

In his statement to the deputy, Miller admitted to approaching the victim, who he believes broke into his home while he was in prison. He claimed the victim “pulled the knife on him” before dropping it and trying to punch him. Miller stated he tried to hold the victim away from him and was telling him to stop.

Miller’s criminal history includes driving with a suspended license; negligent driving; assault in the fourth degree; and six counts of unlawful possession of a firearm in San Juan County; operating a vehicle without ignition interlock; driving under the influence; having an open container; domestic violence assault in the fourth degree; and seven counts of driving with a suspended license in Auburn County; driving with a suspended license; domestic violence malicious mischief; and two counts of domestic violence assault in the fourth degree in King County; two counts of driving with a suspended license in Kent Municipal; suspended license and property destruction in Seattle Municipal; injury to property; two counts of not having a valid driver’s license; two counts of assault in the fourth degree — domestic violence in Aukeen, King County; and unlawful possession of firearms in Pierce County.