Local wastewater treatment plants win outstanding performance awards

Submitted by Department of Ecology

Once the tap is turned on, most people don’t think twice about the water that goes down the drain or is flushed down the toilet. Yet the water that leaves homes and businesses contains chemicals, pathogens and other waste that can be harmful to human health and the environment. Wastewater treatment plants are essential to keeping Washington’s waters clean. The Department of Ecology honors the state’s top-performing facilities with the annual Wastewater Treatment Plant Outstanding Performance Award. This year, they recognized 111 wastewater treatment plants – about a third of all systems operating across the state – that achieved full compliance with their water quality permits in 2017.

The following facilities in San Juan County won: Eastsound Sewer and Water, Eastsound Sewer and Water in Orcas Village, Fisherman Bay Wastewater and Roche Harbor Resort Wastewater.

“Washington’s growing population creates a greater need for wastewater treatment every day. Talented and proficient plant operators are critical to meeting this challenge and ensuring successful plant operations that protect the health of Washington’s waters,” said Ecology Water Quality Program Manager Heather Bartlett. “We commend and appreciate their efforts.”

In picking the winners, Ecology evaluated all the plants operating in Washington to determine how they were meeting the state pollution limits, monitoring and reporting requirements, spill prevention planning, pretreatment, and operational demands outlined in their permits.