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A local boy has come home.

Fred Sundstrom returns to San Juan Island
A local boy has come home.

Fred Sundstrom, oldest of the five Sundstrom brothers, returned to San Juan Island on Saturday to take up residence in October House.

He had resided in an assisted-living facility in Bellingham for a couple of years.

He is 92.

“He would like his friends to come see him again. He wants people to know he will be back,” said his daughter, Sondra Sundstrom Debeauclair. “His cognitive skills are down and he’s in a wheelchair, but he still has some good old memories.”

Sundstrom was a “bulldozer man” in his working days, his daughter said. He also logged and landscaped. He also helped Roy Franklin in the development of Friday Harbor Airport.

Islanders named to National Honor Roll
Five Friday Harbor High School students have been named to the National Honor Roll: Quinn Bune, Angela Gossom, Kara Hirschel, Cody Price, and Jordyn Taylor.

To qualify, honorees must be in high aschool or middle school, carry at least 3.0 GPA, and be involved in extracurricular activities. Honorees apply for inclusion.

The National Honor Roll program was developed to give outstanding high school and middle school students recognition. The names and achievements of all National Honor Roll inductees are published in the semi-annual National Honor Roll Commemorative Edition. There is no charge for inclusion.

Once accepted, National Honor Roll members are entitled to customized services that help them as they apply for a college or technical school. Members may also apply for a National Honor Roll Scholarship.