Fairgrounds Notice of Violation administrative appeal April 4

Submitted by the Town of Friday Harbor

On April 4, the Town Council will hear the County’s appeal of a Notice of Violation issued for unauthorized uses of water at the fairgrounds.

The purpose of the appeal is for the Town Council to hear evidence presented by San Juan County showing past authorization for its water uses at the Fairgrounds and to consider whether Friday Harbor Municipal Code was interpreted correctly in relation to allowable uses of water for an out-of-town property.

All information provided by San Juan County has been posted on the Town website. This is not a hearing; it is a closed record appeal, meaning only evidence previously presented by the County in its appeal to the Town Administrator will be considered by the Town Council.

The public is advised that:

• Public comment is not allowed on this appeal.

• Town will schedule the Council’s deliberations for a future meeting and continue the appeal following the County’s presentation.

If you have any questions, contact the Town Clerk at 360-378-2810 or email amyt@fridayharbor.org.

For more information visit:

Town Council Agenda and Video – http://www.fridayharbor.org/2202/Agenda-Meeting-Info-Video

SJC Fairgrounds – http://www.fridayharbor.org/2403/Community-Topics